The patent attorneys of the law firm KLINGSEISEN RINGS will assist you in filing design applications as well as in related legal disputes.

National German, European and international design registrations (design rights); prior art searches in view of design registrations; cooperation in design infringement proceedings (design infringement) and conflicts in the field of unfair competition with design implication, such as product design appearances, slavish imitation; strategies for the protection of new designs.

Design application ( Protection of design )

The outer form of products or designs is protected through design registrations. A design registration is created through a design application (DE, EU or International), wherein the application consists mainly of a graphical or photographical representation of the shape or design of the product. In Germany the design application is registered and published without examination of novelty and individual character (legal requirements for the protection). Only in case of a litigation, the validity of a design registration is examined. For this purpose prior art searches are conducted an usually expert opinions are requested or elaborated by patent attorneys who are in particular qualified for this.

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