Privacy Statement

Dear visitor to our website,
in this data protection declaration we explain to you what data is collected and processed when you visit our website and what it is used for. If you have any questions about data protection with us, you can contact us by email: patent@klingseisen.info

1. Basic functionality of this website:
When you visit this website, your browser transmits the following types of data, which are stored by us:

• the IP address of the accessing computer
• the server requests (e.g. page views) including time
• the browser type

This data is technically necessary to correctly display the pages you have accessed on this website. They can also be used, if necessary, to maintain the secure operation of this website.

2. No cookies and no tracking:
This website does not store cookies (small text files) on your computer. It also does not create usage profiles (also known as web tracking or web analytics).